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What’s New

100% RoHS Compliant Plating: (Jan 2020) Mitchell Metal Products has completed expansion of its rack plating line to allow the installation of new RoHS compliant black zinc plating. The black zinc is superior in salt spray performance to our prior hexavalent black. The finish is deep black and, unlike hexavalent black zinc, is UV stable. Contact us today about our newly compliant black zinc plating.

Safan Darley E Brake: (Jul 2018) The latest in press brake technology and automation was added to Mitchell Metal Products capabilities. A 100 metric-ton electronic brake with material allowance sensing and memory, CNC stops and automated flat part layout calculation (to within 0.005”) has been installed in our forming department. We immediately realized a 30% improvement in throughput performance compared to earlier vintage CNC press brakes.  

State of the Art Robotic Welding Cell: (May 2018) Motoman robotic weld center was added to Mitchell Metal Products vast welding capabilities. This weld center features a CNC programmable fixture platform which allows the continuous welding of complex seams and tubing thereby eliminating additional fixture sets, set ups and operations. As a result, welding throughput has increased by over 50% on many projects.

Additional Stamping and Forming Capability Added: (Sept 2018) Mitchell Metal Products has increased its metal stamping and forming capability with the addition of a 220-ton Komatsu automated stamping line and a Stamtek 80-ton forming press. The additional capacity supports our consistent and continued growth while allowing us to maintain our stellar on-time delivery performance.

Wire Forming Capability Upgrade: (April 2017) An Ultimate CNC wire forming center installed and operational allowing us to quote wire forming work competitively. Our wide range of secondary metal forming, welding and zinc plating processes are combined with our new wire forming capabilities to offer customers a unique one-stop source for wire formed parts. Our expertise in assembly will allow us to offer our customers metal stamping and/or wire formed assemblies. Contact us today for more information or to request a quote.

MMP-iTool: (Nov 2016) Mitchell Metal Products is proud to announce the development of our proprietary insert tooling process. Our insert tooling allows customers to enjoy the benefits of low-cost metal stamping processes without the high investment cost of progressive metal stamping tooling. Production runs as low as 100 pieces can now be achieved economically and at a fraction of the cost of laser, water jet or plasma blanking. MMP-iTool blanks combined with our wide range of metal working, metal forming, welding and zinc plating capabilities make MMP a competitive source for all your metal stamping and light fabricating requirements.

Tooling Department Automation: (July 2016) Our tooling department was upgraded significantly with the addition of new automated equipment. Machining of tool blocks, die sets and complex tooling features are now handled by our Milltronics CNC VM30 machining center. A new Chevalier automated surface grinder allows us to quickly and efficiently square and sharpen tool steel blocks. The additions, in conjunction with numerous other work centers, enable us to bring customers to market quickly with new products tooled for progressive metal stamping and our own effective MMP-iTool insert tooling and other metal forming processes.