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High Quality Zinc Plating Finishes

Mitchell Metal Products is unique in that we offer high quality zinc plating finishes in conjunction with our metal stamping, welding, assembly and fabrication services. When we promise excellence from start to finish, we mean it!

Zinc Chromate Plating

Our zinc chromate plating lines offer clear zinc, yellow zinc and black zinc finishes to the exacting customer requirements of our customers for corrosion resistance and appearance. Our plating finishes are RoHS compliant. Nano-tech top coats can be applied to enhance corrosion or abrasion resistance. Salt spray resistance may be highly enhanced using one of the top-coat products available from Mitchell Metal Products.

Our large baking oven allows us to plate high-carbon heat-treated products without the threat of hydrogen embrittlement. Plating processes can create a trapped layer of hydrogen within the metal substructure of heat-treated high-carbon steel parts. Our plating line specialists are experts at treating such products to relieve hydrogen build-up and the threat it poses to metal products.

Our commitment to the environment is strong. Therefore, Mitchell Metal Products was one of the first zinc plating houses to embrace new RoHS-compliant chromates when they became commercially available. In addition, we carefully treat and filter our process water to ensure it leaves our facility as clean as, or cleaner, than when it arrived.

Contact MMP when you need excellence from start to finish and ask us to provide one of our zinc plated finishes on your product.