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Custom Product Development

Mitchell Metal Products excels in product design and the process development required to produce metal products and subassemblies. Our design team enjoys working directly with our customers’ engineering team. We view your metal stamping tooling design, metal forming and assembly challenges as opportunities to put our best skills to work. Our wide range of production capabilities allow us to provide you with cost-effective tooling solutions to your metal working challenges.

Metal Stamping Tooling Design

Our design team works with major manufacturers as well as start-up companies who need assistance with product design. Often manufacturing and design engineers call upon Mitchell Metal Products when faced with challenges presented by today’s global marketplace. Combining our expertise in metal forming processes, tooling solutions and subassemblies with customer product knowledge has created many cost-saving opportunities for our customers.

Tooling Solutions

Our team takes a holistic approach to design challenges. We first consider the function of the part and the customer expectations. Then we specifically match the resulting requirements to the appropriate manufacturing processes. While that may seem simple, the small nuances involved in designing the manufacturing process are often what determine whether the project will be successful or not. The extensive manufacturing capabilities at Mitchell Metal Products enable us to capitalize on innovative ideas directly from our design and production teams. It is common for us to assemble representatives from engineering, tooling and production to create a project team dedicated to solving a complex metal forming challenge.

The results speak for themselves: high quality metal subassemblies, high efficiency manufacturing processes, exceptional metal stamping tooling design and satisfied customers. Allow Mitchell Metal Products to review your design challenges and we look forward to offering you a tooling solution that will enhance your standing in the global marketplace. Contact us today for custom development for your project.