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Welding Services

Robotic Welding

The showcase in MMP’s welding department is a Motoman Robotic welding center with CNC controlled weld platform which allows us to rotate weld platforms in concert with a robotic welder to perform multi-set-up welds in one pass. The result is fast, economic, repeatable, spatter-free welds of complex subassemblies with minimal setup delivered in a just-in-time environment. As such, we stand ready to support your requirements for on-time delivery of welded assemblies.

Resistance Spot Welding

While the robotic welding capability may seem to steal the show, our resistance spot welding work centers represent one of the largest collections of resistance welding equipment in the Midwestern US. Mitchell Metal Products expertise in resistance spot welding with automation developed in our engineering and tooling departments, bring clients world-class value. Automated feeds deliver weld nuts and studs to the parent metal stamping quickly and efficiently.

Robust Welding Capabilities

Specialized welding techniques are also commonplace. Welding of stainless steel and aluminum is handled in both manual work centers and in our robotic welding centers. Controlled atmospheric environments are created when necessary. Our associates are also trained in the art of silver solder brazing. Such enhancements allow us to offer you unmatched quality and consistency of welds such as MIG, TIG, silver solder and more.

Our ability to build complex weld fixtures that allow us to hold close tolerances in a repeatable fashion is uniquely enhanced by our captive tool and die department. Our welding staff works closely with our tool and die designers to create fixtures that maintain tight tolerances, set up quickly and are easy to load during production.

When you need reliable, clean, repeatable weld, contact Mitchell Metal Products.

We encourage you to send us your challenging requirements. Our team of experts will be pleased to offer production solutions that make your products competitive in the marketplace.